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Less sweepingly, it can rather be argued that both Ptolemy and Copernicus’ theorieswere basically mathematical, and that what Galileo was defending was not Copernicus’ idea per se, but exam help physical realization of it. In fact, it can be better examination say the Copernican concept that Galileo was developing was exam help actual cognizance of parts of Copernicus’ conception, which, incidentally, dispensed with all the mathematical trappings eccentrics, epicycles, Tusi couples etc. Galileowould be led exam such exam help view by his fear with count thought. Of course, put this fashion we’re faced with the question of what constitutes identity situations for exam help thought, or being an analogous idea. There is sincerely exam help way by which Galileo’s Copernicus is not Copernicus and most certainly not Kepler. The other aspect of all this which has been hotly debated is: whatconstitutes proof or demonstration of exam help clinical claim?In 1616, thesame year that Copernicus’ book was placed on the Index of ProhibitedBooks, Galileo was known as before Cardinal Robert Bellarmine, head ofthe Holy Office of the Inquisition and warned not examination defend or teachCopernicanism.