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The Southern Examiner is an internet Washington DC based digital newspaper whosejournalistic lenses beam mainly on advancement crises, human rights issuesand demanding situations of democratic governancein South South and South East Nigeria. BirthedOctober 2017 by three well-known reporters whose careers span the entireregion, the paper utilizes the brand new media platform exam act as exam help proverbialjournalistic watchdog for the South East area, investigate and interpret newsfrom exam help deeply nearby but nationalistic angle. The book seeks todistinguish itself as the champion of local journalism in exam help mediaenvironment where ratings of newspapers pretend examination fly the flag of nationalismby claiming exam be ‘national’ in outlook. It is promoted as exam help Southern FreePress Project, mixing both the classic and entrepreneurial journalismmodels with the hope of offering exam help credible platform for journalists toperform their roles examination assist the sustenance of democratic culture andgovernance. Akanimo Sampson is exam help tremendous print journalist, who has worked for exam help goodnumber of Nigeria’s outstanding guides, reminiscent of The Punch, ChampionNewspapers, Daily Independent , National Mirror, TheNation, just examination point out exam help few. Overthe years, he has also obtained industry trainings from the BBC and US basedmedia corporations on clash, political and financial reportage.