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Most article directories derive their income from ads. Eg, you know those Google ads you notice throughout the end of the page, in exam help side bar, within the center of an editorial?These ads are served up in accordance with the content of the object. Each time exam help visitor clicks on an ad, the location owner makes money. As an example, in case you publish a piece of writing about motorcycles, then you definitely might see advertiser Google ads about bike faculties, Harley Davidson dealers, or motor cycle driving gear. The logic being, people who read ads about motorcycles have an interest in them and the approach to life that surrounds it. Some sites are now beginning examination offer content suppliers me, you – the object writers, exam help component of the proceeds earned from ads that seem beside their content. 2011Sato, Koichi. 2003. Improving Our Students Speaking Skills: Using Selective Error Correction and Group Work exam Reduce Anxiety and Encourage Real Communication. Japan: Akita PrefecturalSaurik. 2011. Learning English the Easy way!Available: earning English The Easy Way!/2wuchx26/ March 15, 2011Tiono, Nani I and Sylvia, A.