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Street lighting fixtures by this time were usually powered by electrical energy. Electricity at that time was produced mainly by coal fuelled power stations. Some streets and houses still were gas lit. I know that one among my uncles in Birkenhead still had gas light in his home as late as the 1950’s. Strange as it could possibly seem today we only saw Chicken and Turkey at Christmas. Poultry back then was not intensively produced in battery farms. Research has been carried out in order examination severely consider and view the extent of personnel’ satisfaction in addition as the elements of dissatisfaction among the many personnel of Karachi Electric delivery Corporation KESC. The purpose of this study also is exam examine and analyze the elements which create job dissatisfaction especially among the hardworking managers, and examination find out the purposes which lead them to discover that they don not have exam help clear profession path along operating with KESC. The fundamental data for this study was compiled through questionnaire stuffed in on exam help one exam one basis by 60 respondents from exam help representative pattern of personnel of KESC in Karachi district in the last quarter of 2008. The consequences have shown that Working Environment, Total Compensation, Growth Opportunities and Training and Development are gigantic point and these four are affecting Job Satisfaction and correlated with each others. The study was faced by certain limitations and people boundaries integrated time constraints and materials constraints, which restricted this analysis exam only the Karachi Head office of the KESC organization. According exam exam help number of literatures studied, loss of job satisfaction is exam help critical issue in a whole lot of businesses and job dissatisfaction has develop into exam help major impediment in personnel’ productivity and company’s growth.