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E. Zhau, S. M. Chang, B. Q. Chen, Y. Naudé 2013 brought up that entrepreneurial innovation leads exam the reallocation of components from the basic agricultural sector examination the contemporary production/business sector. Agricultural industrialization opens the door for job creation, employment and poverty discount. Gries and Naudé 2010 stated that entrepreneurs play three key roles in industrialization which are “introduction of latest firms external the household, offering new merchandise and introducing new techniques, they increase the size of firms by clustering really good firms if you want to give rise exam the financial system”. Todaro and Smith 2003 in Mtetesha 2016 pointed out that creation of greater capital in an economy by way of capital investment will result in reduced inflation and higher production features thus capital formation can then be the driving force of monetary growth in the future. Increased employment levels will in the reduction of poverty levels and increase the per capita income and enhance commonly the great of life. With higher employment comes decreased poverty with the intention to allow more americans examination have the ability exam afford the basic necessities of life.