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But it has been rising. In recent years Drug Addiction has considerably greater in Bangladesh. This agent of human devastation has unfold its tentacles all over the world and in addition in our country. Every intelligent and humane grownup on the earth society and international companies such because the UN and WHO are alarmed by the present rate of addiction. Nowadays just about ten per cent of outpatients in our hospitals are cases of drug dependancy related to heroin, ganja and phensidyl. These are commonly youths and young men among 15 30 years of age and come from all strata of the society. The ship is today housed in The Khufu Boat Museum, exam help small modern facility inbuilt 1982 resting alongside the Great Pyramid. In one of the most southern boat pits exam help disassembled picket barge was discovered in 1954. It has been reconstructed and resides in the boat formed museum. In 1987, the western boat pit at the Great Pyramid was tested by exam help microprobe inserted through exam help hole drilled into the pit, confirming the presence of exam help second picket boat identical exam the 1st. It was at the start determined that the 2nd boat should remain in its pit, in conditions which made its protection near ideal. The 2nd solar boat of Khufu is being excavated in 2012 2013 and is going examination be reconstructed.